evidence of efficacy
Over a period of four weeks, 20 test persons applied the WEISSMOOR REGENERATING CREAM and WEISSMOOR BODY MILK twice daily.

In the dermatological final investigation at the end of the test period, no pathological skin changes in the test area were seen in any of the 20 test
For dry and sensitive skin

The skin compatibility of the WEISSMOOR care products was investigated during a four week skin application test. A total of 20 female test persons aged between 25 and 70 tolerated the preparations very well during the test series based on dermatological clinical criteria.

The WEISSMOOR care products did not lead to any incompatibility symptoms, even in test persons with particularly sensitive skin tending towards atopic conditions. Both Dermatest and the test persons certified the WEISSMOOR products with a SENSITIVE EFFECT.

The WEISSMOOR INTENSIVE REGENERATING CARE SERIES with the ARCTICARE™ WHITE MOOR-EXTRACT regenerates, calms and strengthens the resistance of the skin.

persons. The preparations were tolerated VERY WELL and did not lead to any incompatibility in any of the test persons.

The WEISSMOOR SKIN CARE was verified by the female test persons during the test as providing particular care for dry and stressed skin. The skin felt cared-for and soft after four weeks of application.

At the end of the test series, the WEISSMOOR BODY CARE was certified to have a calming effect. Dry and taut skin feeling was significantly relieved. The skin appeared relaxed and silky.